Flea Market Finds

Here are a few finds from this week. I went to a new flea market in Lowell, AR and I don't remember the name. It's a red building off 71B towards Lowell. If you know what I'm talking about then comment so readers will know.
 Hope ya'll are having a good week! 

 Gold greek key large lamp, "The Rose" in Rogers
 darling white chair. at "The Rose" in Rogers
 This shelf was only 34$! It was at "the Rose"

 "The Rose"

 Darling table, Would be great behind a couch or in a small entryway. This is at the red flea market that I don't remember the name!

5X7 Rug, would be awesome made into an ottoman. 

Love this, It's at the same flea market in Lowell. 

 This is how I look when I'm shopping half the time.. Multi tasking at it's finest ;)

Happy Thursday! 

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