Flea Market Finds!

Oh how I love these posts. I have been cramming in work while I'm home from Austin and have been finding some good stuff along the way. Let me know what you like! I've been shopping for a client, trying to find a queen or full bed for her 2 year old. You'll see lots of cute beds in this post! 

 This is a custom reclaimed headboard. Gorgeous. I would love this for a little boys room!
"somewhere in Time Antiques"

 "somewhere in time antiques"
 "somewhere in time Antiques"
Good drum table. "somewhere in time Antiques"

 large rustic coffee table. "somewhere in time antiques"

 Awesome side table
 Loving this accessory! 

This vintage chalkboard would be great in a kid's room. "somehwere in time antiques"

Look behind the clutter, this is a good shelf underneath all the junk! 

 Love this dresser! 

 This is Retrospect in Fayetteville. It's dainty and adorable!

 Bought two iron beds yesterday, I couldn't pass the deal up! They are the cutest things ever. I already have a spot for one of them in a client's house. Let me know if you need a full size iron bed. 
 Full size wooden bed. Only 59$, Daisies and Olives

 This is the other iron bed I'm using in a client's house. We are spraying it gold! 

Daisies and Olives


  1. Do you by chance remember where that pretty white dresser is from? The one with the gold hardware?

  2. Was the poster bed at the end a full size or a twin? I need a twin!!

  3. Where was the blue bookcase? I've been looking for a spindle bookcase for my daughter's room. That one might work.