Brief update

When I get behind in blogging, it's so hard for me to catch up b/c SO much happens lately to keep up with. So instead of catching you up with the last month of news I will just start with this last week.

I have been in Austin for the last week. Greg and Jan went out of town so I brought Sawyer with me and I spent the week taking care of the kiddos. It has been so good to be with them. It was a hard week in an lot of ways but we had a ton of fun.

 Saturday morning me and all three kids hopped in the car and went to spend the weekend with Sarah in Houston. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive so me and Sarah's good friend Pam (who met us in Houston) thought it would be better to spend the night since we had all three kids. It was Sarah's 35th birthday on Saturday and it was such a good day. The kids had a wonderful day seeing their mama.
Sarah amazed me. Her peace is overwhelming to watch. We had an incredible time together and overall I was encouraged. I felt like my ache of missing her dissipated a little bit. I felt like I got to see the Sarah I know in the midst of our long visit with her. I got to see some of her opinions by her facial expressions and hand motions and I even saw the Sarah sass come out a bit. 

The kids were of course so good. They loved on their mama and Halle even warmed up to Sarah by the end of the trip. It was good for them to stay for two days because it got them more comfortable with the situation by the end of the trip. On Sunday we got to wheel Sarah outside because it was such a gorgeous day. We spent two hours just sitting outside and letting the kids play around us. She loved it.
Will talked everyone's ears off and loved on Sarah constantly. Ava has a little bit of a harder time with Sarah but I know she'll come around eventually. Overall the kids are doing well. They seem better than most of the adults! :) It's amazing what kind of resilience God has blessed them with. Their little worlds have been turned upside down and everything is different and hard, but in the midst of this hardship they are the same kids. They are the kids that Sarah taught them to be. They are strong, sassy and at the same time they live with such peace and joy. Just like their mama!

Pam and I got some good time with Sarah by ourselves on Saturday while the Thomas' hung out with the kids. I got to talk to Sarah vulnerably and tell her how much we miss her. I told her how many lives she is changing. I was honest with her and told her that I didn't understand or know why this was happening to her but that I have such confidence that she is going to come home to her kiddos. I told her about the mundane things going on like  business and my the shirt I bought the day before. We told her all about the kids, told her funny Ava stories and told her about everything they were doing. 

I can't imagine knowing what is going on around you and seeing your kids play and grow up in front of you but not being able to communicate. I honestly have nightmares about it sometimes b/c it seems like too much for one human being to handle. But God is granting her grace and peace and she does not seem angry one bit. She seems happy for each moment to be with her kids even when they don't pay attention to her and she can't talk to them. She definitely was sad at moments, especially when we talked about the future and the hard stuff but I think she appreciated me and Pam being real and normal with her. I think she appreciated me crying and being my complete self with her. We held hands and she intensely listened and responded with her facial expressions to everything I said. She is the same girl, fighting her hardest come back to her kids. I am so beyond proud of her. 

Ya'll keep praying for her to make progress in her speech and movement on right side. She is walking some and her right leg is doing good. She had surgery on Friday to put a shunt in her brain to drain fluid and she came through surgery well. We are praying for more progression after this surgery. I am so ready to hear her say something.
Pray for kiddos and the Henry's and Thomas'. Everyone is pulling such a heavy load and every person in this complicated story needs extra prayer right now. As life moves along and the talk about Sarah dies down I hope and pray that you will all continue to fervently pray for total healing. I still believe in a total miracle! God has already shown so many miracles in this story and I know huge things are going to happen in the future. Praying for patience in the in between time ;)

Here is a recap in pics!
Sorry Sarah, I gave Halle a fast food hamburger! 

One of Sarah's best friends made us this homemade cake for Sarah's birthday. It was delicious! Sarah even ate a bite :)

This is the devotion on Sarah's birthday! Thank you Lord for tangible encouragement and hope!

 Pamela and I took Ava on a shopping spree. This girl has some interesting fashion choices! Example, see next picture down ;)

We did our best Sarah! She would tell us, "I LIKE it, but I don't LOVE it..." She put together some INTERESTING things! 
Sweetest Halle Girl! 

Still can't believe I survived by myself with these four kiddos

Homework time, Will had homework every night and so the other two kiddos pretended like they had homework every night too. 

Lizard hunting

Beautiful day at TIRR with the kids and Sarah. 

Thank ya'll for praying!


  1. I promise to keep praying for her, thankfully God understands Swedish too.
    //Annika (city of Alingsås, Sweden)

  2. I think about Sarah and her story often. Praying for yall and her both!

  3. I think about Sarah and her story often. Praying for yall and her both!