Woodland Chic 60th Birthday Party

I am so excited to share this party with you all today! I recently helped my talented mom plan her best friend Mary's 60th surprise party. She asked me to help her come up with the inspiration for the party and help her with some of the details in the planning. 

Knowing Mary we knew it had to be rustic and "nature" inspired. She LOVES the outdoors and is always doing activities outdoors. 

The party was held in the morning so they planned a brunch menu and had a full out coffee bar. The party turned out beyond perfect and my mom pulled out all the stops in every detail. I love seeing ideas come to life. I also love when I can reuse some of my favorite pieces from past parties. I reused the wood stumps from THIS party and then reused a lot of the woodland pieces from Sawyer's 1st birthday

The party turned out gorgeous and the birthday girl was definitely surprised! 

The beautiful pictures were taken by Erin Fletcher (Mary's daughter). 


Change in Routine

 We have had some fun days the last few weeks but being home consistently with both kids 24/7 can get a little mundane. I had been complaining to one of my best friends in Little Rock over the phone about how I was getting a tad tired of our same routine and really wanted a change in our norm around here. She stays at home with her two boys too so we had the grand idea to merge our boring routines together for the week and spend some time together. She packed their little family up and headed here this last Tuesday and stayed for most of the week. 

I can't tell you how much fun we had. Jack and Sawyer are the same age and had the BEST time together. They played, played, played and played some more and honestly got along 98% of the time. I was so impressed by both of them. They had the cutest conversations and were rough and tough boys together all week long. It was so fun to watch them together. 

Me and Amanda actually got to sit around and hold our babies and watch the wild boys play and carry on and I honestly felt like I got a little break from Sawyer because he was entertained by Jack for a few days. We went on long walks during the day, took the boys to the park and to the pond one day, we cooked dinner  and went out to dinner and sat around and talked until there was nothing left to talk about. It was so good for my soul to spend time with Amanda. She is and always will be one of my dearest friends. 

 Cute and Wild Jack.. Love him!

 Sweet Baby Davis

 These four have no choice but to be best friends! They will definitely grow up together :)

 OF course this one did a lot of this all week.. 

 The future Mr. and Mrs. Kella

 Aunt Manders

Enjoying the long walk

Love you more than words Amanda. So glad we decided to change up our norm and spend time together. Nothing better than sharing life with your best friends. 


Sawyer in a dress??

No, I did not put Sawyer in a dress....This is me when I was a little younger than him. 

I have put this on here before and I have put it on facebook for my friends and family but I thought those of you who follow me on blog would appreciate this.. :) 

He is my little clone in more ways than one. 
He is ALOT more confident than I ever was BUT he is orderly, he is sensitive, he is a harmonizer (when he is rested), he loves people but has his limits, he gets his feelings hurt easily and he can even have his shy moments. I love seeing him turn into a little person and could not be more proud or more in love with my little mini me.