Updated Family Pictures

One of my dear friends, Chelsea is an amazing photographer who has taken our pictures before and we always adore her photography. She is amazing. 
She lives in Little Rock so when I heard she was coming to Fayetteville to take someone else's pictures I quickly jumped on the opportunity to do a quick little photo shoot with our family. We have zero pics of all four of us so I literally just wanted a few to add to our wall and update in frames since Brooklyn is seriously outnumbered in pics around here ;). 

She did an incredible job and I love all of them! These are just a handful of the ones she took in about 45 minutes! I love her and love these pics! Thank you so much Chelsea! 


  1. i loved your blog, you are looking so elegant, i am following you if you follow me too i would be so happy :)


  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!!! And totally random question...does your husband work out at Powerhouse Gym early in the mornings? I swear I've seen him in there recently when I'm working out!

    1. Thanks Taylor! How funny, yes he does work out there at like 4:30 in the morning!! He has to be in Ft. Smith by 7:00 so he is busting his booty to lose some weight and get a work out in every day. That's hilarious that you have seen him. He'll be so embarrassed ;)