Change of Plans

Today was one of those days I woke up on a mission...

I was going to finally get my house clean, get the dishes put away, finish the gosh darn laundry and knock things off my to do list. I immediately woke up agitated b/c I felt like my kids kept getting in the way of MY MISSION.

 We had a doctors appointment this afternoon for Brooklyn so I felt so rushed all morning. I got showered got the kids somewhat dressed and felt like I had already run a marathon and hadn't even gotten anything done around the house. As I was finishing my makeup about to head to finish the dishes, I heard both kiddos laughing on my bed. I came in to see Sawyer sitting nose to nose to Brooklyn making funny faces as she was gut laughing at every move he would make. I stopped and smiled and decided to lay down with them and soak in the moment. 

How many moments do I miss like this because I'm too focused on the mundane things around the house or focused on things like facebook or blogging?? 

If I was in the kitchen doing the dishes that are piled to the brim of the sink I could have missed this moment that I will now remember for the rest of my life. So today I decided that instead of tackling the endless messy house like you see here....(which is still this way b/c now I'm blogging about it.. ha!)

I'm going to take a deep breath, let go of the feeling that my house needs to be perfectly put together and enjoy these precious moments watching these babies grow up together.