Sawyer in a dress??

No, I did not put Sawyer in a dress....This is me when I was a little younger than him. 

I have put this on here before and I have put it on facebook for my friends and family but I thought those of you who follow me on blog would appreciate this.. :) 

He is my little clone in more ways than one. 
He is ALOT more confident than I ever was BUT he is orderly, he is sensitive, he is a harmonizer (when he is rested), he loves people but has his limits, he gets his feelings hurt easily and he can even have his shy moments. I love seeing him turn into a little person and could not be more proud or more in love with my little mini me. 


  1. So I'm assuming that is Brooke in the background and I think Brooklyn looks like her... at least she has her little nose. Of course, i think Sawyer is your spitting image too:)!!!

  2. I just said, "Lyla, who's that?" and she said "Sawyer!" :)

  3. WHOA!!! There are no other words. That's incredible. Neither of mine look much like me at all--they look just like their dad.