Sickly Scoop

It's almost 4 in the morning and I am starting this post off on a positive note.. Brooklyn just slept from 9:30 until now! Oh, how life changing. I'm not getting used to this treatment but she sure has been doing good the last five days with going longer stretches. Proud of her.

On a not so positive note.. Our thanksgiving turned ugly when Sawyer woke up on Saturday night with a really bad asthma attack.We had gone to Andrew's hunting club to spend the holiday with his family and had a great week but Saturday night turned into our ever living nightmare. Poor Andrew had to deal with it without me b/c I had gone to Little Rock that morning to spend the night with just Brooklyn and get some rest at my parents house before making the trip home. Basically Andrew said that he woke up at 2 in the morning crying out for me (Break me heart) and when he got him out of his crib he noticed he was having a hard time breathing. He immediately woke up his mom and started our action plan. They sat there for about 45 minutes doing the abuterol treatments and decided to pack up and head to Little Rock. They were headed toward Children's hospital but about halfway there and after a vomit episode and another treatment he settled down and his lungs opened up. All I can say is, Praise our Heavenly Father! We are so sad that it happened again but are so beyond thrilled that his action plan and treatments worked this time. This is a first!

Come to find out he was having an attack not only from allergies that he was having from the club but also he became very ill the next day with what we now know is croup. He has been sick since Sunday.. I mean really sick. He has battled 102-104 fever since Sunday and has been dealing with this horrible cough and stuffy nose. He has been moping around for almost four days now. Monday and Tuesday he barely got off the couch or from my bed. Yesterday he was a little better, but his fever still keeps coming back. I'm praying so hard that he turns around tomorrow. It has been a hard few days being constantly worried about his asthma returning and watching him this sick is never fun. Andrew has been the biggest help, staying up with him most nights since I'm up with B for feedings. We are both exhausted. That is why Brooklyn sleeping till 4 was so needed. God knew how to refresh my tank.. :)

Anyway that is our sickly scoop. I guess wintertime has officially begun.. Praying it's not like this too often!

My poor poor sick buddy.. 

On another postitive note, this angel is still an angel. No kidding that after an hour of happy wake time in the morning, she is in her room asleep from about 9 in the morning until about 6 in the evening, obviously except for feedings and to be awake about 10-15 minutes after each feeding. She is definitely one sleepy baby girl. I enjoy my evenings with her, holding her since I barely do during the day. This girl likes her bed! 

She has been such a breath of fresh air these last few hard days. 

And on another positive note, I decorated for Christmas! I will give you a sneak peek... I loved how everything turned out and can't wait to show you pics. 

More updates on thanksgiving and other fun stuff later, but for now I'd appreciate prayers ONCE AGAIN for Sawyer's health.. Thanks friends. 

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