Fashion Friday: Summer Dresses

Summer Days Are Comin!
We are going to the beach next weekend and I have the sudden urge to go shopping for some Summer Dresses! There's nothing better than wearing a fun dress on hot summer days. If you see me in the summer on a 100 degree day, chances are I will be in something like these dresses. Ya'll have a splendid weekend!! I know I will I get to see my sister and 3 of my nieces and nephews this weekend! CAN'T WAIT!!


Good friends, Amazing Shower!

One of my dear friends, Leah Daniels is getting married in June. Aubrey Smith and Leah's college friends threw her a shower this Sunday and it turned out so cute! Thought I would show the couple pictures I did get of this adorable shower.

Aubrey found these lamp shades from a thrift store and spray painted them to go with all the cute paper flowers she made
 Party favors
 The Beautiful BRIDE! Leah is one of the strongest people that I know and I am so proud of her! So happy for you Leah!
Our family has close ties to these Daniels girls and we just love them SO much!! So good to see cute Harper and Lauren.

Aubrey, Great job on the shower! It turned out  perfect!


Vintage Bridal Luncheon

Saturday one of my best friends got married! Everything turned out beautiful! We had the bridal luncheon at my house and also stayed and got ready for the big day after we ate brunch. I had planned to have the luncheon outside and weather changed our plans. I had the tents all set up, the deck cleared and ready for the awesome vintage table and low and behold we woke up to a terrential downpoor! So... we cleared out the furniture in my house and set up in the living room. It turned out adorable and went perfectly! Ashley's style has always been very "anthropologie-ish", So my goal was to create a vintage and ecclectic atmosphere while also incorporating"love birds" and bird cages throughout the decor. Here is a recap, enjoy!
Ashley's "Candy Stash" Bar. I have never known Ashley not to have candy out at her house or have a candy stash hidden somewhere in the house. She loves her sugar! So we had to do a candy bar for her :)
Another Banner thanks to Cricut

All of the jars were found from flea markets or my Grandmother's house. I paid no more than 15$ for a vase. The cheapest one I found was 35 cents. It was so fun to go antiquing for this party.
"To Go" bags for all of us to take to the wedding! Our very own "candy stash".
My mom actually made this adorable door decor! A is for ASHLEY!

I got pictures from all the bridesmaids and printed them in black and white and made this  fun memory table. Chalk board and most frames are from Riff Raff 
These little frames were such a fun find! I got them for 1$ each at the dollar section at Michael's. I cut out the letters on the cricut and then glued them on this paper then put them in the frame.

Chair covers were from Peir One. These are actually Aprons that the girls got to take home for their party favors. Aprons serve as awesome chair covers.
Bird nest name cards. Bird nests came from Hobby Lobby, eggs are candy robin eggs I got on clearance and the label was made by me. The chargers are from Peir one.
These incredible wooden bird cages were one of the first things I got for this shower. I found them at "OOPS" here in Fayetteville and these were seriously only $6.50. I got 10 of these to hang from the tents but since we moved the party inside I hung them from the fan and then placed them around. I used moss, babies breath, hydrangea and cream glass birds to fill these bird cages.  
This was our menu for lunch. SO YUMMY! 
All the bridesmaids got ready at our house after we were done eating brunch. I made my dining room into a Beauty Room.
I filled apothacary jars with all the wedding day necesseties. Nail polish, lip gloss, bobby pins, Q tips, cotton, etc..
I found these fun hangers at Pier One, we lined the waist with fresh roses. We hung 3 of them from the chandelier and then draped ivory tulle from the top.
The precious bride getting PRIMPED!
All the bridesmaids dressed up in our aprons. I love all these girls and was so thankful that we had such a perfect day together.
Ashley and I have been best friends since 1st grade and I am so thankful we have stayed friends all of these years. She is such a special friend and I am so glad that she found the love of her life. LOVE YOU ASHLEY!!!

Thanks to all the mama hostesses that helped out so much!  Ecspecially to my own MAMA! Ya'll made it happen!



I want to go ahead and apologize for the next few days because I can already tell you I am going to be way TOO busy to keep up with posting. And here is why,

First, I am throwing one of my best friend's bridal luncheons at my house on Saturday. I am so excited to share pics next week and I am so excited to share in this special day with Ashley. Here is the invitation so consider it your Sneak Peek since I don't want to share anything until the blushing bride sees all the details!
This doesn't capture how cute these are, but I got them at By Invitation Only in Little Rock, AR. More to come later!

Secondly, I am a bridesmaid in Ashley's wedding, so I am trying to gear up for all the fun festivities that are in the next few days. Have to go get my spray tan, get shoes, jewelry, all that fun girly stuff!

Third, Sawyer is sick AGAIN! I know shocker! But he has some yucky fever virus and is literally glued to my leg or my lap. In fact he is sitting here right now as I type this watching his movie. Poor Fella once again! 

And Lastly, in the little spare time I do have I am trying to gather up info and meet with people to start up a small event planning business. More on that later, But I am trying to get it all up and running in a couple of weeks. So be looking for a new fun website! I'll keep ya'll posted. If anyone out there has a good idea for a name for my company I would LOVE any ideas! 

So excuse my absence over the next few days, I don't have enough hands this week! Next week look forward to all the fun pics of the luncheon. Can't Wait!!


Yummy Monday: Fresh Idea

Here is an awesome summer concoction that is so Fresh and Delicious! You can eat it as a salad, as a dip or as a side dish with a heavy meal.

 All you will need is:

4 Seedless Cucumbers Diced
1 Tomato diced
1 purple onion cut into rings
1/2 Cup Feta cheese crumbled
1/2 Cup chopped black olives
Sprinkle a bundle of fresh parsley on top
Sprinkle Extra Virgin Olive Oil all over (about 4 TB)
Squeeze 1/2 of a lemon
Sprinkle Kosher Salt and pepper to taste

Just combine this all ingredients in a large bowl and serve with pita chips or eat as a side salad. SOO YUMMY and FRESH!


Featured on..!!!

Sawyer's Woodland Party was featured! 

Stem Parties

Thanks Amy and Jen for the awesome posts. I truly feel so honored!

Fashion Friday: In love!

I am in love with these necklaces! They range from 23$ to 28$ so not only are they adorable but they are also inexpensive.  Here is the link to the seller on Etsy. Go check it out! 


Through the woods PART II

I thought it might be helpful to see where I got some of this stuff and how to do some of these projects. You save so much money when you do it yourself! And none of this was even hard to do.

For the mantle, Andrew and I used a regular chainsaw and cut the logs from dead trees that we had in our woods. For the tree I used several pieces of circular pieces of cut out paper and put it together to make the shape of a tree. I simply just glued it all together and then taped up on the wall. The snails were from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off. I placed the snails in slabs of grass that I got from www.saveoncrafts.com.

I used little miniature logs and had Andrew saw a slit in these for place card holders. Easy and a great rustic detail for any occasion. 

These are just more of the same logs that we chainsawed from our backyard woods. Minimal work for a dramatic detail. All I did was place these cream platters on top of the logs. To make them level and secure I used mounting tape until it looked somewhat level and secure. I thought it was fun for it to be a little lopsided. 

The labels were printed off from print shop on my own compuer and the green vine that it is glued on was cut out from my cricut machine.

Wood cake stand was simply a piece of wood that Andrew cut from the woods. I am in love with this rustic wood stand. I am definitely keeping this for something in the future.

OKay for those of you that don't know, I have NO artistic ability! I can not write or draw in a cohesive cute way, AT ALL! So... the cricut machine has saved my life. For this canvas I covered it with burlap fabric and staple gunned it to the back. I cut out the tree from scrapbook paper and simply just glued it to the center of the fabric. I cut out the letters from the cricut and glued them on as well. So easy!

I used pretzels for the tree trunk and then laid them on a cookie sheet. I got green colored melting chocolate from Hobby Lobby for the tree tops. I simply melted the chocolate by following the directions on the bag put it into an icing bag and iced the top of all the pretzels to make it look like tree tops.

 Smore kabobs were super easy and actually super delicious. Put the marshmallows on the end of wood skewers. Melt chocolate (I just used dark chocolate chips) in a double boiler, crunch the graham crackers in a separate bowl. After the chocolate is melted, dip the marshmallow skewer into the chocolate and then dip it directly into the graham cracker crumbs. Let it harden before serving.

The trees were super fun and easy to make. I got branches from my backyard, the pots are plastic $7.99 flower pots from Home Depot and then I used scrapbook paper, scapbook paper and more scapbook paper! I used styrofoam in the pots to stick the branches in then covered the styrofoam with moss. For the leaves I used the good ole cricut machine which made it super easy to cut out hundreds of leaves. I cut out the pictures in a circle and glued it onto the circular cut out scrapbook paper. After everything was cut out I just hung it all on the branches.

Hope ya'll find this helpful if you want to ever use these ideas. Let me know if there is anything else you are curious about from the party. 


Through the woods to Sawyer's party we go!

The woodland theme came together so much easier than I anticipated because we live in the woods and have so many dead branches, logs, bark etc... Also, since this was planned around Easter I came across so many fun creatures that were out in the stores. OKay so lets get started, brace yourself... many pictures to come!

Menu consisted of: Three different kinds of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato basil soup, ants-on-a-log, fruit kabobs, trail mix, mushroom dip. 

Birthday BOY rockin the carharts!

"Baby trail mix" (puffs, cheerios and yogurt melts) and pureed sweet potatos 
Ha! Love this pic, Sawyer had the time of his life with this huge bowl of trail mix
I collected 1 year old pictures from our entire family. Cut out the pictures and wrote who they were on the back of every picture and made a tree out of it. It was fun to see who Sawyer resembles in our family. He actually looks just like me and just like my sister Jennie. 
Lyla enjoying her sweet potatoes from her baby food box!
Party favor table. Tree book from target for the kiddos and and a blue spruce tree seedling for the adults. 
Trees are from www.plantamemory.com. They are reasonable and are great party favors for parties or even weddings. 
We had such a fun day and the party went off without a hitch! I had so much fun planning all the details and crafting my heart away for the occasion. 

I am going to do a part II post to show how I did several things and explain more about some of the details of the party.

P.S. I have decided kids and baby birthday parties are my favorite thing to plan so if you are a mama and need some ideas or help, please contact me! I have many more ideas for other themes.