What we are up to!

Well unfortunately I am sick today. I felt it coming on yesterday and Andrew had been sick so sure enough I was up all night coughing like crazy, I now have a fever and also have completely lost my voice. I tried to talk to Andrew on the phone a minute ago and literally sound was barely coming out. Thankfully Sawyer has MDO today so Andrew is going to the christmas party at his school and then bringing him home to me so I don't have to get out. Hopefully S will take a good nap after that.''

Besides that we have been busy, busy! We were in LR this weekend to visit family and then came back for some parties we had this week. I am glad we came back home because I got my new curtains in the mail so we put the finishing touches on our apartment living room. Here is a peek into our new little home!

Besides Sawyer running into things all the time we are enjoying it so far. 

Sawyer is doing much better with the transition. He is starting to go to bed better every night and is back to my happy, silly and content boy. 

 "Say cheese Sawyer" and this is what he gives me! Doesn't quite have it yet. 
That's better! 

We are gearing up for the Christmas festivities and can't wait!! 
Have a good day!


  1. The curtains look SO great!! Such a perfect finishing touch! Hope you feel better soon!!! :(

  2. Love the curtains!! Where did you order them from?

  3. Wanna play "Let's make a deal"? Here's the deal: Next year we can swap pictures for home-design help! I love everything about your new place!! I hope it's feeling more and more like home every day! :)