Apartment Christmas Tree

The move is over!!! Yay!! I do not recommend moving with a sick 20 month old to anyone! The move did not run smoothly but at least now I can say that it is over and done with. Whew! 

So, here we are in our little TINY apartment and I committed to NOT doing any christmas decorations this year (I know, so sad!). BUT, I couldn't resist to have SOMETHING! So... I grabbed Sawyer's tree from last year, grabbed some extra grapevine I had in my craft closet, made some homemade burlap ornaments, grabbed some gold berries and lastly cut some plumes from our new bush outside and VOILA.. a tiny free christmas tree was born in our apartment. I'm glad I did it because we needed some Christmas spirit around here. 

I am glad to be back to the real world and have been catching up with everything you party girls have been creating.. All I can say is WOW! If anyone wants to be featured on here with their Holiday Celebrations don't hesitate to send them over! 

Happy Thursday and Merry Christmas! 


  1. oh what a lovely tree! welcome back and i hope sawyer is better!

  2. OMG Katie that looks like some tree you would buy in a fancy boutique or something, LOVE IT!

    So happy the move is over : ) Moving sucks with a capital S!