Vintage Bridal Luncheon

Saturday one of my best friends got married! Everything turned out beautiful! We had the bridal luncheon at my house and also stayed and got ready for the big day after we ate brunch. I had planned to have the luncheon outside and weather changed our plans. I had the tents all set up, the deck cleared and ready for the awesome vintage table and low and behold we woke up to a terrential downpoor! So... we cleared out the furniture in my house and set up in the living room. It turned out adorable and went perfectly! Ashley's style has always been very "anthropologie-ish", So my goal was to create a vintage and ecclectic atmosphere while also incorporating"love birds" and bird cages throughout the decor. Here is a recap, enjoy!
Ashley's "Candy Stash" Bar. I have never known Ashley not to have candy out at her house or have a candy stash hidden somewhere in the house. She loves her sugar! So we had to do a candy bar for her :)
Another Banner thanks to Cricut

All of the jars were found from flea markets or my Grandmother's house. I paid no more than 15$ for a vase. The cheapest one I found was 35 cents. It was so fun to go antiquing for this party.
"To Go" bags for all of us to take to the wedding! Our very own "candy stash".
My mom actually made this adorable door decor! A is for ASHLEY!

I got pictures from all the bridesmaids and printed them in black and white and made this  fun memory table. Chalk board and most frames are from Riff Raff 
These little frames were such a fun find! I got them for 1$ each at the dollar section at Michael's. I cut out the letters on the cricut and then glued them on this paper then put them in the frame.

Chair covers were from Peir One. These are actually Aprons that the girls got to take home for their party favors. Aprons serve as awesome chair covers.
Bird nest name cards. Bird nests came from Hobby Lobby, eggs are candy robin eggs I got on clearance and the label was made by me. The chargers are from Peir one.
These incredible wooden bird cages were one of the first things I got for this shower. I found them at "OOPS" here in Fayetteville and these were seriously only $6.50. I got 10 of these to hang from the tents but since we moved the party inside I hung them from the fan and then placed them around. I used moss, babies breath, hydrangea and cream glass birds to fill these bird cages.  
This was our menu for lunch. SO YUMMY! 
All the bridesmaids got ready at our house after we were done eating brunch. I made my dining room into a Beauty Room.
I filled apothacary jars with all the wedding day necesseties. Nail polish, lip gloss, bobby pins, Q tips, cotton, etc..
I found these fun hangers at Pier One, we lined the waist with fresh roses. We hung 3 of them from the chandelier and then draped ivory tulle from the top.
The precious bride getting PRIMPED!
All the bridesmaids dressed up in our aprons. I love all these girls and was so thankful that we had such a perfect day together.
Ashley and I have been best friends since 1st grade and I am so thankful we have stayed friends all of these years. She is such a special friend and I am so glad that she found the love of her life. LOVE YOU ASHLEY!!!

Thanks to all the mama hostesses that helped out so much!  Ecspecially to my own MAMA! Ya'll made it happen!


  1. Seriously....speechless! Glad you are starting a business girl!

  2. Ha - Before I opened the comment section I thought to myself that I will write "Speechless"! Looks like I'm not the only one.

    I've never seen such an amazing shower. Talk about some awesome details! You have found your calling for sure!

  3. Katie, AMAZING! You have such a thoughtful eye for detail!

  4. Beautiful! I love the idea of the aprons doing double suty as chair covers AND favors!! The tablescape as BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. Katie, seriously, you are amazing! What a fun time!

  6. How cute! Love the table settings, the candy bar and the beauty stations :). Great job!


  7. Simply Increadible!! KATIE!!! I would have the BEST TIME in your mind! :) Everything is amazing!!!

  8. Those aprons are super cute! I must have missed in your write-up where you got them?

    Nice job on the party!

  9. I just found your blog from P is for Party, and I have to say, you may be the best bridesmaid ever! What a fantastic party, I love all the details!!!

  10. I am tucking the apron idea away in my party file! Everything was so cute. Great party, great memories.

  11. Cute as can be! The aprons were a great touch.

  12. Amazing and so creative! I love all the little touches...aprons, birds nests, bird cage, moss & greenery, candy treats...etc. Way to go! Oh and the bridal veil door arrangement is too cute!

  13. This is such a beautiful brunch...and I love the aprons!

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